A very warm welcome from LittleBird Productions 
We are very happy to welcome you to this website. You can either just have a browse around, send us a message or just find as much information as you need. If you have any questions or inquiries, we would love to help you.

What is LittleBird Productions?
LittleBird Productions is a film production studio from the Black Forest and the United Kingdom. We are working on projects all over the world with any possible way of media production. Image- and marketing videos for your company or your product. Music videos, theatre and concert recordings for artists and musicians. Or simply documentaries, short and feature films for stories, that want to be told to the world (or someone).

We are able to plan and produce every task from idea to release. Alternatively we make life easier for you by taking on single parts that you want to outsource.

Film and video production

A-Z production for different types of videos, films and stories, that want to be told.
Taking single parts of production of you to make life a bit easier, such as editing, colorgrading, budgeting, sounddesign, etc.


We offer some high class photography and editing action. We visit your event and create reminders for life.
We just organise private photo shoots in amazing locations.
Shoot. Edit. Repeat.


Did anyone say, designing a website is easy. It can be. We help you with representing you, your product or your business online. It is representing you, so give it some attention. We are helping you, making the best out of your online possibilities.