What is LittleBird Productions?
LittleBird Productions is a film production company from the southern Germany. We are working with freelancers to offer our costumers a full service when it comes to the production of videos:

  • Music videos
  • Image & marketing videos
  • Short and feature films
  • Concert or theatre recordings
  • Creative ideas

Our work includes all tasks, that needs to be done from the development of ideas up to publishing the final product. We are happy to do particular tasks, you want our help with or we can offer you an all-included package.

  • Development of ideas
    We develop the screenplay, main and side stories
  • Pre production
    Organisation of Equipment and hiring of crew members. We create a detailed shooting plan and storyboard.
  • Shooting
    We bring every piece of equipment and the whole crew, so you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • Post production
    • Editing
    • Color Grading & Color Correction
    • Animation and special effects
    • Synchro recordings
    • Foley recordings
    • Sound design
  • Finishing / Publishing
    Renderung and Uploading of your files. You receive the final product always as file of highest possible quality.
    Furthermore, you got the opportunity to get all the original shots or special versions for social media & web.
    Wir upload all files into our own cloud, that you can access them with your account. You also get a physical drive with all files on it. If you wish so, we are happy to upload the files to anywhere you want us to.
  • Briefings and advices